Teresa winning Powerman 2016

Teresa winning Powerman 2016

Teresa Heimann

Teresa is formerly one of Denmark's best AG athletes and has the black belt in karate so she knows what it means to set a goal - and reach it!

Teresa coaches professional athlete Patrik Nilsson, who is top 10 in the world and some of the best professional and AG athletes in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Australia.

If you are coached by Teresa, you will get a top professional training and where you will be 100% comitted. Emphasis is placed on everything from physical exercise, mental state, family, diet and weight.

Email: teresa@uperform.dk
Mobile: +45 2279 2208


 Nichlas out running at Copenhagen Marathon

Nichlas out running at Copenhagen Marathon

Nichlas gustafsen

Nichlas is 31 years and live in Copenhagen. He has been part of the triathlon sport for a long time and have worked as coach the last couple of years. Currently responsible for the run training in the triathlon club Herlev tri og Motion.

Nichlas is educated from the Danish Triatlon Federation with Level 1 and 2 and also educated from Danmarks Idrætsforbund (DIF) Level 1 and 2.

Nichlas has been an active part of the sport for long time on a sub elite level and have been in top 10 in his age group a couple of times. He has made 5 IMs, +10 IM 70.3 and a number of other races. 

As coach it is important that the training is planned according to the athletes daily life - not the other way around. 

Email: nichlas@uperform.dk
Mobile: +45 53558548


 Kennet climbing Mt Ventoux during Ventouxman 2018

Kennet climbing Mt Ventoux during Ventouxman 2018

Kennet hammerby

Kennet is the veteran with Uperform with his 43 years.

Kennet is a happy five time Ironman finisher always on the lookout for a new challenge for himself and his wife.

For 2018 the big challenge is completing a Swedish Classic, but he is also drawn to the more adventurous triathlon races (IM Lanzarote; Alph d'Huex Triathlon; Ventouxman etc.). 

Kennet's primary strength is to work very closely with the athlete to realize the athlete's ambition balancing a busy daily life especially working with the mental side of triathlon. Kennet is completing his ICF Accredited Coaching Training Program (ACTP) end of 2018.

Email: kennet@uperform.dk
Mobile: +45 4214 5656