In Uperform we are working with all kind of cyclists, from professional to people who just started. We are taking every athlete very serious and focus on each athletes strength and weaknesses.

We are working with different kind of tools to secure the best training for our athletes. Heart-rate training is the most normal, but we also know that some people are doing best by focusing on the feeling and not have all different kind of data, so that is two different ways of working and it depends on the individual athlete.

We are working with watt training for a lot of our athletes, because we love data and we love to analyze how we can secure the athlete will get to their next level. It can be working with the cadence to working with the strength or the endurance. There are so many different ways to structure the training. But we will secure to make the right plan for you no matter what.

You can always get our advice about equipment, nutrition etc. when you are training with us.